A man should know how

A man should know how to please,

Exactly when to say “ Please !”

He must know when to seize,

And when to ignore, “ No, please !”

When to turn a deaf ear,

And to look the other way,

To pull a chair, open a door

And yield the right of way.

To look interested and keen

To avoid yawning, and mean

What he says, and be able to say

What he may not always mean !

To look through other women

When he is with her,

And not scowl at other men

When they flirt with her.

To lend a shoulder to lean on

And at times for her to cry on

Find always the right word,

And generally be spot on.

To hear when nothing is said

To hear nothing even if shouted.

Be ready with pick-up lines,

And also to read ‘tween lines.

Be ready to forgive n forget

But NOT those special days,

Else it’d be real hard to get

Peace for the rest of his days!

And be on guard to defend.

To be sure never to offend;

To attend, to tend, to pretend

And to yet remain sane, Amen !




Aw, those women !

4 प्रतिसाद to “A man should know how”

  1. mehhekk Says:

    :);):);) see satish ji am smiling,very nice poem,nah women r not so demanding:););):),ha ha,but will say every word is perfect and true.he he aap ko bahut jankari hai nari ke man ki.dil pe nahi lijiyega,hum aise hi keh rahe hai,beautiful poem.

  2. Rewa Smriti Says:

    Hi, Very very beautiful poem! The last para I liked very much. Please do write more poems.


  3. वाचून बघा Says:

    Hello friends,

    Glad you liked it, thanks a lot for the comments !

  4. anonymous Says:

    A real good one, u should write more English poems

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